Audio production...

Although I’ve been deeply involved in virtually every form of communications, throughout my career audio/radio scriptwriting and production have always held a special place in my work.

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll visit my radio website, There, you’ll see much of my audio journalism and storytelling work, work that has spanned decades.

I’ve also relished audio projects in corporate marketing communications, including the writing and production of commercial and non-profit radio programming production, some heard on hundreds of radio stations. Everything from many weekly radio program series for the State of Minnesota to program development and production for marketing firms to client radio spots.

If you are contemplating any kind of radio or audio production project, large or small, and need some help, I’d love to discuss it—it’s my passion!

My studio produces high-quality stereo audio content meeting state-of-the-art commercial standards.

My capabilities include…

A friend nicknamed my Digital Audio Workstation “Studio G”…

  • Audio voice recording and narration
  • High fidelity digital field recording
  • First quality multi-track digital editing
  • Sound design and music scoring
  • In-studio and telephone interviews
  • Radio program concept development and consulting
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